1. Finally...
    I've been wondering what @bjnovak & @dev have been working on for the past year.
  2. Am I creative enough to participate?
    It's just a list... This shouldn't be hard to do.
  3. Introduction and Description section 👍🏼
    More space for thoughts, details and descriptions.
  4. Content
    A lot of new material to read while killing time on the toilet. This will probably interfere with my personal life outside of the bathroom.
  5. No hashtags. Great, I like it.
  6. Being able to move my lists around in the perfect order when I am finished with my thoughts!
    I wish I could do this with all of my Post-It Notes.
  7. Pictures!
    Who doesn't like a good photo next to their bullet points!
  8. Addictive
    Looks like a lot of Beta testers out there used this frequently over the past year. I have a lot of catching up to do.
  9. Am I putting too much thought in to my first list?
    Yes I am. No I'm not. Wait.. This is easy. I make lists all the time at home and work. Stop thinking so much and post it!