As far back as I can remember, I've always hated Thanksgiving. Seems like a perfect time to make a list and begin the agitation...
  1. Airports
    I fly a lot and usually don't mind going in and out of an airport, but there is something about Thanksgiving that irritates me. There is a huge influx of people who have not been to the airport in years. No, you can't take your gallon of tea, butcher knife and 6 suitcases through security with you.
  2. I don't enjoy eating turkey
    Something about a roasted turkey really turns me off. I eat a plate of side dishes, which is fine for me because....
  3. Family cooking is terrible
    I don't understand how they think the food is actually good? I usually try to fill up on the appetizers before the main meal so I don't have to endure the dry, tasteless food being served.
  4. Family drama
    When you live out of the state and only visit on holidays, you are now exposed to everything actually happening in "the family". Is this really what you spend your time thinking and talking about on a daily basis?
  5. People from high school
    Running into people from the past can be good, but usually during Thanksgiving, I end up running into someone I haven't seen or thought about in years. The conversation usually goes "oh hey, how you been? I haven't seen you in a long time". "That's great". "No, I don't have Facebook, that's why you can't find me..." "No, I can't hang out, I'm pretty busy with family things this week, maybe we will run into each other again soon and we can talk more".
  6. Black Friday shopping
    I'll admit, I use to go out years ago when Black Friday shopping started at 4 am. It seemed like you had to be a little more determined to wake up and actually go out. Now that is begins on Thanksgiving day, "everyone" is out stinking of roasted turkey, taking selfless of themselves while the workers are forced to miss the day with their family.
  7. I sleep on an air mattress
    Self explanatory