This is embarrassing. I am embarrassed.
  1. Not breaking 11 likes on Instagram
    Delete immediately once this happens.
  2. Parents getting snapchat
    You can block people from seeing your stories hehehe
  3. People will discover your statuses from 2009
    Purge bb purge
  4. You can't get the right geofilter
    like why did u even go there // close out the app & re-open. Geofilter should appear 💁
  5. You don't have a good LinkedIn picture
    Get off LinkedIn. It is a hellscape. Also I think LinkedIn is #dead
  6. Your boss friend requests you on Facebook and you have inappropriate pics // radical ideas
    No idea what to do tbh...I just accepted and hoped she would be too busy to backstalk
  7. Your job wants you to shamelessly promote them and doesn't understand that your social media has integrity
    Just do it !!