Favorite Places I've Visited (in no particular order)

  1. Kenya
    Awesome safari
  2. Egypt
    Lived there for 16 years. Met my wonderful wife there.
  3. Petra
    Ancient city in Jordan all "carved" out of rock.
  4. Samos
    Greek island. Got to spend 2 months there.
  5. Santorini
    Greek island where I proposed to my lovely wife.
  6. Holland
    For some reason I don't remember much about this trip. :-)
  7. St. John
    U.S. Virgin Island
  8. France
  9. Italy
  10. Switzerland
  11. London
  12. Israel
  13. Thailand
    Bangkok and Chang Mai
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Dubai
  16. Hawaii
  17. Washington D.C.
  18. Oregon
    Former home
  19. Anchor Bay, California
    Former home
  20. Arizona
    Home of my wonderful kids and grandkids.
  21. Sunset Beach, North Carolina
    Current home