1. I find it hard to sit still for very long.
    I'd rather me outside gardening, bike-riding, building something, or walking on the beach. I was a fairly hyper kid.
  2. I would rather hang out and snuggle with my wife, kids, and grandchildren than just about anything else in the world.
  3. Most people associate me with music but it is far down on my priority list.
    Probably too much of a good thing. Band director, performer, and music sales and service for 40 years. I have many other priorities now. Still love to listen, play drums and guitar, and record my own music, playing and singing all of the parts.
  4. I love building and construction.
    I have enjoyed building sheds, decks, installing irrigation systems, etc. It's fun figuring out solutions to all of the problems that these projects entail.
  5. One of my very favorite pleasures is bird-watching and identification.
  6. I LOVE being underwater. Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving have all been favorite activities.
  7. I love boating and kayaking.
  8. I love to cook.
    Not that great at it, but I really enjoy it.
  9. I love gardening.
    Flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
  10. I have a fairly good understanding of 3 foreign languages.
    French, Spanish, Arabic
  11. I love fishing.
    Worked on a salmon fishing boat and a sea urchin fishing boat. One day I caught about 300 pounds of fish on a single fishing pole in the ocean.
  12. I hate to shave.
    Don't like it, but I definitely look better without a beard.
  13. I'm a huge dog lover!!
    My dog, Rufus