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  1. Indecent
  2. The Play That Goes Wrong
  1. A new backpack
    The large hole at the bottom of my current one lead to some wacky sitcom-level mishaps this past year
  2. My reference book on mythology
  3. My dignity
    No clue when the last time I had it was, but i figure it's about time I got it back
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  1. The Chris Gethard Show
    Rewatching old episodes, finding new ones to love- always cheers me up
  2. Finding my old twitter account
    Lost to the seas for many moons, it has resurfaced and thus, so has my 140 character thoughts
My friends and I have recently begun an annual tradition of extremely themed dinner parties.
  1. 70's
  2. Murder Mystery
  3. Gatsby
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  1. Ice cream truck driver
    I wish to bring joy to the children
  2. Circus performer
    Probs juggler, plate spinner, or clown
  3. Clown
    This is a whole separate one. I've spent much time looking into clowning schools
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  1. Queue up all of like Beethoven's or Mozart's work and listen to everything
  2. Train my ears to recognize different instruments in an orchestra
    FOR EXTRA PARTY TRICK VALUE: recognize violin vs viola
  3. See all of Shakespeare's plays performed
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I gave up with the grammar and capitalization about 1/4 through that title. Also, please know that I am not a dancer. This is not for profession but rather, necessity.
  1. Anything Goes
    Anything Goes
  2. Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
    Teen Beach Movie
  3. Fit As A Fiddle
    Singin' in the Rain
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  1. Wonder Woman
  2. The Big Short
  3. Rough Night
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  1. The Florist
    Every day they give me a single flower in exchange for a small plate of cookies, which I bake in bunches every Sunday night for the neighborhood
  2. The Palm Reader/Crystal Shop Owner
    When they first wanted to try practicing hypnotism I offered myself as a test subject for a month and in return I now receive free weekly tarot and palm readings
  3. The Bakers
    I am their go-to cake and cookie tester. Win-win situation
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Finished or in the process
  1. The Secret History- college students get scary and disturbing in a pretentious way
    Intense and dense and taking me forever- also wildly different than any other piece of media I consume
  2. Runaways Vol. 1+2- teens with powers discover parents are evil
    Loving it and pumped for the show- much more my usual style
  3. Articles and text about auctioneering
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