1. The Florist
    Every day they give me a single flower in exchange for a small plate of cookies, which I bake in bunches every Sunday night for the neighborhood
  2. The Palm Reader/Crystal Shop Owner
    When they first wanted to try practicing hypnotism I offered myself as a test subject for a month and in return I now receive free weekly tarot and palm readings
  3. The Bakers
    I am their go-to cake and cookie tester. Win-win situation
  4. The Masseuse
    After discovering that they are in witness protection and helping them keep their secret, I help them garden and they teach me to mix drinks and make Molotov Cocktails. Free massages are also of course on the menu.
  5. The Librarian
    One of my closest friends, I bring the newly learned drinks to our Book Club meetings. We often practice Latin, Spanish, and Hebrew together and I help decorate the library for every minor holiday because what are friends for? After hours access to those dusty old books.
  6. The Elementary School Teacher
    I watch their kid when they are at Krav Maga and in return they lend me craft supplies- often used for Library decorating
  7. The One Punk Rock Band
    I produce their music videos free of charge because I think it would be cool and fun and as musicians they wouldn't have the money to give but they insist on getting me cool connections and tickets to the DIY underground scene of the area
  8. There is always an inherent friendly nature to these exchanges- never forced. All of these people are receivers of my weekly cookie batch