Disclaimer: I never sang "The 50 Nifty United States" in elementary school so I have no advantage.
  1. Washington
    Starting with a little Northwest.
  2. Oregon
    Never forget.
  3. California
  4. Nevada
  5. Utah
    Once I forgot Utah while doing this exercise. Never again.
  6. Idaho
  7. Arizona
  8. New Mexico
  9. Colorado
    Have you heard the conspiracy theories about the Denver airport, though?
  10. Wyoming
  11. Montana
  12. Oklahoma
    Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.
  13. Texas
  14. North Dakota
    This begins a "Midwest States Rap" I invented in 4th grade and continue to use to this day to remember the Midwestern states.
  15. South Dakota
  16. Nebraska
  17. Kansas
  18. Minnesota
  19. Iowa
    OHHH there's nothing halfway about the Iowa way to treat you...
  20. Missouri
  21. Wisconsin
    Badger badger badger badger
  22. Illinois
  23. Indiana
  24. Ohio
  25. Michigan
    Wooooooooo halfway there! Also the end of the "Midwest States Rap"
  26. Tennessee
  27. Arkansas
  28. Louisiana
  29. Georgia
  30. Alabama
  31. Mississippi
    Five states in a row I haven't been to! (27-31)
  32. Florida
    I bet America could pass a referendum to push Florida into the sea.
  33. Hawaii
  34. Alaska
    Can't leave these until the end!
  35. West Virginia
    Mountain mama
  36. Virginia
  37. Maryland
  38. Delaware
    I would always forget Delaware on this list until I became a fan of Joe Biden. Now I can't imagine how much it would hurt his heart to forget it.
  39. Pennsylvania
  40. New York
  41. Connecticut
  42. Rhode Island
    Not an actual island despite what the name implies. Also, a severe disappointment.
  43. Massachusetts
  44. Vermont
  45. New Hampshire
    Live free or die tryin'
  46. Maine
    Truth: Maine is the best state in the union.
  47. North Carolina
  48. South Carolina
    Can't believe I almost forgot the Carolinas!
  49. New Jersey
    Still a state no matter how much we try. Forgot this one last time and I'd forget it again too if it weren't for those meddling kids and that darn dog!
  50. Kentucky
    You can try to forget, but Kentucky is still a state. One time I had pizza at 6am in Buenos Aires after the club at a place called Kentucky, obviously pronounced Ken-too-keiy.