Where you park says so much about you.
  1. Farmyard
    Easy in, easy out. Close to the best coffee cart, small and intimate. Winners park here. Minimal traffic at peak times. Don't park here if you don't belong.
  2. Yoda
    The classic. Everyone knows who parks here. Direct access to many buildings. Big ramp, many spots. Enterprise car rental on G4 doesn't hurt. Look for the chili peppers. Reminiscent of the first day. Heavy traffic at peak times.
  3. Zodiac
    Weird terraced structure. You could wind up parking outside or facing the elements on the walk back. The gates are big and scary. Moderate traffic at peak times.
  4. UGM Lot
    It's outdoors (mega deduction), but there's always room and it's pretty close to things! Closed in August.
  5. North North North Lot
    Far as far can be, but there's shuttle service. Could wind up hiking through a field for 2 miles if you miss the shuttle.
  6. The Abyss
    I've never been to this parking lot, and I don't intend to go.
  7. The Annex
    The Abyss has an annex????
  8. To be named
    Doesn't even have a name. Ask me in fall of 2016.