1. Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
    So I'm a bit of a shower gel addict, so get ready for more. But this guy is definitely my favorite! When I jump in the shower and lather up he makes me feel like Queen of the Hipsters. "Earthy and mischievous", black pepper and patchouli!
  2. Tramp Shower Gel
    When I open up the cap on this lovely lady I'm immediately transported. I AM the forest nymph they mention on the label; definitely makes the shower an experience.
  3. Beautiful Shower Gel
    I have this little dude and his big brother on standby. And guys I know this is just shower gel, but it really does make me feel like a beautiful, majestic grown ass woman. It also has gold glitter in it, I mean WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED! 💃🏻
  4. Rose Jam Shower Gel
    This girl is a classic, no explanation, just get to a Lush and smell it, you'll thank me.
  5. Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo
    This is my fav shampoo from Lush. She's a strong and stout shampoo and my hair is so clean and silky after a wash.🍻
  6. Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner
    Happy Happy Joy Joy is undoubtedly a staple product for me. It is the best conditioner I have ever used, it is perfect for my hair type, it gets out the tangles without leaving my hair greasy. It also makes me feel like I'm playing the tambourine with Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. That's a pretty bitchin' hair conditioner am I right?!
  7. Christingle Body Conditioner
    Lotion for in the Shower guys! This dude sends shivers and tingles all over, while moisture sinks into your skin. I bought him at Christmas time and when I got out of the 🚿 I was a little chilly (because of all the menthol and how freezing my bathroom is). I can't wait to see how it feels in the summer.
  8. Random Exfoliator from my Birch Box
    I actually don't do a lot with my face, but I recently came home from New Orleans where I got a sunburn and then windburn, so it needed some attention. Once my face stopped stinging and I had put on a vat of lotion, I had all this dead skin and this lil' pup helped slough off all the nasties.
  9. Shower Poof
    I don't know about people who don't have a shower poof... Like what are they hiding from us.
  10. Pumice Stone
    This guy is a big help in the summer when my birkies and barefoot fancy free lifestyle leave my heels cracked and stained.
  11. Schick Razor
    Because when I do feel like shaving this pink princess does the trick in a jif.
  12. The Whole Shower
    So I share this shower with 2 other girls, I think we all have a product problem.