Sleep is such a beautiful thing, and I think the things we do/ use to ease us into that dreamy world are just as wonderful. Be these rituals and or items, quirky or mundane, they deserve some recognition🌛😴⭐️
  1. Freshly brushed teeth
  2. Bedtime yoga (a newbie but this is proving helpful, especially with some badass, zen flute music)
  3. A thick feather bed topper
  4. Like 50 pillows (body, tempurpedic: with a special cooling gel panel, pregnancy:I am not, nor have I ever been pregnant it's just a hella comfy pillow, etc.)
  5. A cold sheet , yes I said sheet, I'm not a top sheet kinda girl
  6. Salt lamp turned way down low
  7. Glowing plastic stars above my bed because I'm a secure ass woman, and I think they're beautiful and awesome
  8. A fairly noisy, non-oscillating fan
  9. Bare feet
  10. Braless and commando
  11. Sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed (I know it's weird but sleep so much better)