I don't use Siri very much, she doesn't get me. No, it's just that I have a Lifeproof case on my phone, and I don't think she can hear me very well. The people listed below stole my heart the first time I heard them utter a syllable.
  1. Alec Baldwin
    I looove that deep raspiness, so sultry.
  2. Adam Driver
    He is so delicious in so many ways, but his voice....uh his voice. I feel like he could say anything to me and I would think it sounded so prophetic.
  3. Barbra Streisand
    I love this woman, I listen to her sing on a daily basis. But her normal speaking voice has so much inflection and flair. Can you imagine if Barbra Streisand told you where to find the best lox and cream cheese bagel, I'd die from happiness.
  4. Robert Redford
    His voice is so comforting to me. Turn left, Robert Redford, of course I trust you, anything you say.
  5. Howard Keel
    The sheer volume and rich quality of his baritone. Siri, what are the lyrics to "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" ? Bless HIS beautiful hide & voice.
  6. Amy Poehler
    She has such variation in her voice. She goes from rapid elocution, to slow and seductive speech, right over to joyful, maniacal blabber. If she was my Siri voice it'd be like talking to a real person, a buddy. Not some judgmental automaton sass monster.
  7. Kathryn Hahn
    I would set her as my GPS if I wanted sass that is backed with love, and entertaining as hell. Good for a roadtrip; she's another with such versatility. I love her voice ability, she has played so many characters and has a Rolex of she can pull out, I'm sure.
  8. Fran Drescher
    Her nasal droning bothers a lot of people, but to be honest I love it. So comforting and full of love and character.
  9. Bea Arthur
    As deep and velvety as the crushed velvet, burgundy, drop waist dresses, that she rocked the hell out of. Siri where can I buy a drop waist dress? Kidding, I would look horrendous, I think most people would, except Bea, like I said she rocked the shit out of those dresses.