1. The person sitting next to you might actually have something to contribute to a conversation if you weren't texting someone else.
  2. Your neck could use a break
  3. Your fingers could use a break
  4. You might actually have a few moments of 'down time'.
  5. Seeing another Instagram photo of a latte might rot your brain
  6. Keeping track of LIKES is really pretty creepy
  7. Books
  8. Sky
  9. One day you will be in a rocking chair and your fucking fingers will be riddled with arthritis from texting every waking moment
  10. Your neck could still use a break
  11. When you are on your death bed, do you really want to look back at your life and think of how much time you wasted staring at a phone when there is an AMAZING WORLD HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?
  12. There is an invisible umbilical cord between you and your phone and it's pretty scary if you really think about it. IT'S A PHONE!!!!!
  13. What the hell is so important that you are spending so much time engrossed in staying in such close contact with so many people?
  14. If you wrote ONE sentence for every ten texts, you could write a novel!
  15. I could clearly keep going, but I would rather you put your phone down and sang a song to your dog or cat or a drawing of a cow or pretty much anything else you could think of if you weren't staring at your phone.