1. I can't imagine not having a dog
  2. If my dog could say one word to me, what would it be?
  3. Was there an announcement I missed that made it okay for people to start taking dogs to stores and restaurants?
  4. Two of our dogs are 85 lbs. should we have them sit under the table when we go out to eat?
  5. Why do I feel guilty leaving when our dogs stare at me as I close the door?
  6. Part of the reason I wanted to marry my wife was because of how great her dog was. I knew she would make a great mother. I was right.
  7. Is it odd that I sometimes feel like I have bodyguards when I walk thorough the house, flanked by dogs?
  8. I would rather be on the floor, hanging with dogs.....
  9. If I am at a party, I gravitate to the dogs first.
  10. Double standard. I think old people with cats are weird but old people with dogs are great.
  11. When the dogs are at the groomer, the house is too quiet. (Although it's kind of nice too!)
  12. I feel guilty when I am working and the dogs look bored.
  13. When my dog looks like he is actually watching TV, is he really watching or do I like to imagine he is smarter than I think he is?