Pisco, Peru's National Drink
  1. Pisco is distilled grapes
    Like a white wine with three times the alcohol content
  2. Pisco Sours are the country's drink of choice
    3 parts Pisco, 1 part lime juice, 1 part simple syrup, and 1/2 an egg white. Shake, don't blend. Like a margarita with a sweet foam top.
  3. Pisco Sours were created by an American
    Victor Morris of San Francisco opened Morris's Bar in Lima in the early 20th Century, serving a South American twist on the Whiskey Sour. Peruvians quickly tell you they added the egg whites to the drink, which make it frothy and add protein, enabling more consumption. "Practically a health food!" Our guide proclaimed.
  4. But Chilcanos con Pisco are where it's at!
    Half a glass of Pisco topped off with ginger ale, cherry juice, and a squeeze of lime. If Pisco Sours are margaritas, these are tequila with lime-aid. You can drink them all night, if your night consists of having two and then falling asleep on the bus ride home.
  5. "The Pisco is Efficient"
    As stated by our new travel friend Ellen, two Pisco drinks into her night and halfway through a box of KFC- strangely, Peru's drunk fast food of choice.