Favorite Poetry from El Parque de Amor in Miraflores, Lima

At Miraflores' cliff side, overlooking the Pacific, sits El Parque de Amor— the Love Park. It's Gaudi meets Love Poems and my sentimental, English Major heart could hardly stand how gorgeous of a place this was. With the help of my travel partner and the Internet, I translated every poem in the park. The following are my favorites:
  1. "The heart beats as intense as the sea." - Pablo Guevara
  2. "It's difficult to be in love, but you learn." - Antonio Cisneros
  3. "I will tie my heart like a ribbon in your hair."
  4. "Love is like light." - Martin Adan
  5. "I can give you all of Heaven's names, lives, words, and the air I breathe." - Cesar Moro
  6. "My heart and my verses I lay at your feet." - Pablo Neruda
  7. Lastly, a picture of the giant statue in the middle of the park of two people making love because, really, is it a public park if there aren't two people fornicating somewhere in it??