#HotTakes and #EmbracingDebate are great, but drama for drama's sake isn't the greatest payoff. Just a couple ideas here
  1. Devise a championship scenario where winning races means something. This is the simplest form of competition - quit making it so convoluted.
  2. Establish hard fast weather protocol that's the same for every track - always have a backup plan. Not just for races, but qualifying (which should never take a backseat to practice).
  3. Work with your networks to get fair coverage. If it means blanket 1pm start times, so be it. Stand your ground.
  4. Let's get rid of double-secret probation and all the crazy scenarios and establish rules that apply to everyone, regardless of Q rating.
  5. If you're a full-time Sprint Cup driver, you only get 5 races in Xfinity or Truck series. I realize sponsors need to be happy but if they want the spotlight, pony up the money for the big show.