Thanks for the LR, @veshecco !
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    List Requests are wonderful
    Almost everyone loves getting one, and a few times I sent the same one to every one of my Followers. A few feel anxiety about them, a few feel annoyed by them, but for most part people appreciate the interest in their take on something (even if it's the same for everyone) and the interactions and feedback helped me get to know many people here, which is kind of the point?
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    I feel more fulfilled when I have an outlet for my musings/humor/hobbies/life scratches that itch for me.
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    In an age where quick, sharp, pointed, and frankly mean takes are the norm
    There are still people who respect and enjoy the written word and long-form articulation of thoughts and concepts and stories.
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    Competition brings out the best (and worst)
    Whether it was Trending, or Featured, or Recommended, or 🏀 - some of the best content and worst behavior surfaced.
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    I tolerate early mornings better when I can share it
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    I was able to have raw, complex emotions about a person I only "knew" via this app
    RIP biz 💔
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    It takes effort to maintain a non-partisan, asexual, positive persona on the internet
    And no matter how hard you try, and no matter how pure your words and/or intentions - misunderstandings are bound to happen.
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    There are other people out there that are interested in similar things
    As someone with limited human interaction for long periods during my job, connecting with people during the Dayli.sting™ hours has been a blessing.
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    How to spatchcock
    Never knew I needed to know ¯\_(🍗)_/¯
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    I will miss this place
    All good things come to an end; whether the app disappears some day or I finally run out of list ideas, I will fondly remember the community of people this app helped foster and my time here amongst you all.