Inspired by @jakebrandman and sourced by Wikipedia and other web sources (holy balls this would/will be easier on the web but I'm too impatient). The book report with snark/sarcasm I never could have written in school without getting an "F" - Jake be gentle (you're grading on a curve, right?)....
  1. 🗓January 1976🗓
  2. 🏈Super Bowl X is won by the Steelers, beating the Cowboys 21-17.
    Lynn Swann is the MVP, pictured is one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. Suck it, Dallas.
  3. 📺"Laverne & Shirley" debuts on ABC.
    Starring Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, it ran until 1983 and was probably the last time anything good came out of Milwaukee without hops in it.
  4. 🛫The first commercial Concorde flights take place in Europe.
    Despite looking like a pissed-off swan, the supersonic jet reduced flights from New York to London or Paris to 3 hours. Alas, anyone flying over to see Lisa Fav will need to plan for a longer flight as Concordes were permanently grounded in 2003.
  5. 🗓February 1976🗓
    (February kinda sucks balls no matter what year it is IMHO)
  6. 📽Martin Scorcese's classic film "Taxi Driver" is released.
    Starring Robert De Niro and 12 year-old Jodi Foster cast in a controversial role as an 12 year-old prostitute. Started decades of people quoting the tag line "you talkin' to me??" to the chagrin of most.
  7. 🗓March 1976🗓
  8. 🏆Academy Awards given out (pretty much a Cuckoo sweep)
    🏆Best Picture: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 🏆Best Actor: Jack Nicholson 🏆 Best Actress: Louise Fletcher 🏆 Best Director: Miloš Forman Good morning, Nurse Ratched.
  9. 🏀Indiana wins the NCAA basketball tournament 86-68 over Michigan.
    Led by a young coach named Bobby Knight in his 5th year, who would go on to do great things in the chair-throwing arena. Also, suck it Michigan.
  10. 🗓April 1976🗓
  11. 🍎Apple Computer Company is founded.
    What a couple of clowns these two (Jobs and Wozniak) are - who wants their own personal computer (what are we, IBM??), and who names their company after a fruit!? I'm glad I didn't buy any stock in this travesty buried under a long list of other moronic ideas.
  12. 📺Barbara Walters becomes first female nightly network news anchor.
    A big deal. A very very big deal.
  13. ⛳️ Raymond Floyd wins the 40th Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
    Female membership is right around the corner, I'm sure.
  14. 🗓May 1976🗓
  15. 😎 BWN_7 is born on May 1.
  16. 🏅Saul Bellow wins the Pulitzer Prize for "Humbolt's Gift."
    Sounds like a character and fake movie from Seinfeld TBH.
  17. 🏒Montreal Canadiens sweep the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup.
    Back when Canada was actually good at their national pastime - zing!
  18. ⚾️ Joe Nikro hits the only HR of his 22-year career.
    Off of his older brother Phil. #SuckItBigBro
  19. 🏎 Johnny Rutherford wins the 60th Indianapolis 500.
    Johnny famously walked to the winners circle after winning the shortest (255 miles) race on record, halted due to rain. On Memorial Day weekend, rain?!? Really?!?! 🙄
  20. 🗓June 1976🗓
  21. 🇨🇦 The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is opened.
    At the time it is the world's tallest free-standing structure at 1,815 feet. It holds that record for 34 years. Go Canada, eh!
  22. ⛳️Jerry Pate wins the US Open at Atlanta AC.
    Look at those pants!! I don't care that you don't care about golf, this is my list. #notsorry
  23. 🏀 Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship over the Phoenix Suns.
    One of the last years the Celtics were dominant, led in 1976 by John Havlicek; this was their 13th title in 20 years. Damn.
  24. 🗓 July 1976🗓
  25. 🇺🇸It's America's Bicentennial!
    That's 200 years since we became a legit country, with the founding fathers and Constitution and whatnot. Lots of celebrations all year long, especially in July. Tons of babies born in late Feb/early March 1977. Because of sex. People having sex after getting drunk at 4th of July parties is what I'm talking about.
  26. ⛳️ Johnny Miller wins the British Open at Royal Birkdale.
    Look, I know you don't like golf - you cannot deny that hair! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT SCROLL TO THE NEXT ITEM, JEEZ!
  27. 🇨🇳A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Tanghsan, China kills an estimated 242,000 to 655,000 people.
    For comparison the largest death toll in a US earthquake is 3,000 in San Francisco (1906). 😳 Golf doesn't look so bad now, does it.
  28. 📺 Family Feud debuts on ABC.
    Richard Dawson is the host. ❌❌❌
  29. ⚾️ Hank Aaron hits his 755th home run.
    Still the champ in my book. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  30. 🚀The US Viking 1 lands on Mars.
    You heard me.🇺🇸
  31. 🗓 August 1976🗓
  32. ⚾️ White Sox debut uniforms with shorts.
    I have no comment.
  33. ⛳️ Dave Stockton wins the PGA Championship at Congressional.
    Look I put the emoji in the title so you could skip over these come on just LET ME LIVE!!! STOP YELLING AT ME I'M NOT YELLING YOU'RE YELLING!!
  34. 🗓 September 1976🗓
  35. 📺 Charlie's Angels debuts on ABC.
    Starring Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and the woman whose poster was on 98.9% of all teenage boys walls, Farrah Fawcett. It would run for 5 seasons.
  36. 🚀NASA unveils the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
    Its first flight was in 1977, first space flight in 1981, and shuttles flew regularly into space and back until 2011. Giant spider not included.
  37. 🎤 Bono, David Evans, and the Clayton brothers (Dik and Adam) respond to an ad by Larry Mullen Jr. to form a rock band.
    U2. That's right, U2. #Immortals
  38. 🗓October 1976🗓
  39. 🏅Nobel Prize for Economy awarded to Milton Friedman.
    Who didn't tip the waiter at the dinner ceremony.
  40. 🏅Nobel Prize for Literature given to Saul Bellow.
    Good year for my man Saul!
  41. ⚾️ Cincinnati Reds sweep the Yankees to win the World Series
    First World Series with the DH in effect, also the last gasp of the "Big Red Machine" led by Pete Rose who was overheard saying "I'll bet I make the Hall Of Fame" to local reporters.
  42. 🗓November 1976🗓
  43. 🇺🇸 (D) Jimmy Carter defeats (R) Gerald R. Ford to become the 39th POTUS.
    Veep is Walter Mondale, Ford's running mate was Bob Dole. Yes, *that* Bob Dole.
  44. 📽 "Rocky" premieres in New York City.
    Written by and starring Sylvester Stallone, whose meal ticket is printed for the next 40 years.
  45. 📰 Comic strip "Cathy" debuts.
  46. 🏆 Tony Dorsett wins the Heisman Trophy as college footballs best player.
    RB for the Pitt Panthers, goes on to a great career in the NFL with the Cowboys.
  47. 🗓December 1976🗓
  48. 📺Superstation WTBS in Atlanta goes National.
    December in '76 was a slow month.
  49. 🇨🇺Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba.
    Drab, olive-colored clothes-makers rejoice.
  50. 🎶 Top songs from 1976 (that I like/recognize) 🎶
    "Dream On" - Aerosmith 🎤 "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Elton John & Kiki Dee 🎤 "December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)" - The Four Seasons 🎤 "Play That Funky Music" - Wild Cherry 🎤 "Love Machine" - The Miracles 🎤 "Afternoon Delight" - Starland Vocal Band 🎤 "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen 🎤 "Boogie Fever" - The Sylvers 🎤 "You Sexy Thing" - Hot Chocolate 🎤 "That's The Way (I Like It)" - KC and the Sunshine Band
  51. #️⃣Some interesting (US) numbers from 1976#️⃣
  52. Average income: $16,000/year 💵
  53. Average cost of a new house: $43,400 🏠
  54. Average cost for a gallon of gas: $.59 ⛽️