1. Building hella-big/complex Thomas train tracks.
  2. Knowing the artist and title of most songs.
    And probably some or all of the lyrics. It's a blessing and a curse TBH.
  3. Mowing super-straight lines.
  4. Relating any scenario to a TV show episode or movie or quote.
    Likely Seinfeld or Anchorman.
  5. General Sports knowledge/history.
  6. Photography.
  7. Fathering.
  8. Knowing who that actor/actress is and what other things he/she has been in.
  9. Windsor knots.
  10. Airline travel.
  11. Spelling/grammar/sentence structure.
  12. Techie stuff 💻📱📺📹
  13. Speaking/presenting in front of people
  14. Articulating my thoughts.
  15. Playing golf.
  16. Counting.