2016 Major League Baseball Home Uniforms, Ranked ⚾️

Inspired by @andersun
  1. 30.
    Miami Marlins
    The wife-beater of MLB uniforms.
  2. 29.
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Um, no.
  3. 28.
    Oakland Athletics
    Maybe it's my Packer hatred coming through but green and yellow = blech.
  4. 27.
    Milwaukee Brewers
  5. 26.
    Tampa Bay Rays
    So much meh.
  6. 25.
    Washington Nationals
  7. 24.
    Cleveland Indians
    It's 2016 can we drop Chief Wahoo?! Jebus.
  8. 23.
    Baltimore Orioles
    Too much orange and if you're going to do the mascot make it the real bird.
  9. 22.
    Texas Rangers
    Not feelin' the font.
  10. 21.
    San Francisco Giants
    Black and orange? No. Cream? No. Collars on a baseball uniform? No.
  11. 20.
    San Diego Padres
    Just south of meh.
  12. 19.
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Kinda goofy font and don't like the number on the (left) sleeve.
  13. 18.
    Minnesota Twins
    I liked the pinstripe version better, and baseball uniforms don't have collars.
  14. 17.
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Decent look with the contrasting white/black/yellow but collars. Collars?!
  15. 16.
    Seattle Mariners
    Just kinda meh, but I do like the patch.
  16. 15.
    Houston Astros
    Hat helps but still meh.
  17. 14.
    New York Mets
    The New York Mehs.
  18. 13.
    Colorado Rockies
    Like the pinstripes, like the black, don't like the purple.
  19. 12.
    Atlanta Braves
    A decent color combo and logo combined with strong piping.
  20. 11.
    Pick a city and stick with it. Love the colors and design, but again with the collars?!
  21. 10.
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Royal and the logo are good although I'm not a fan of the font.
  22. 9.
    New York Yankees
    Pinstripes and logo are pretty timeless.
  23. 8.
    Kansas City Royals
    It's a team name AND a color! Classic.
  24. 7.
    Boston Red Sox
    Like the colors and the unique font.
  25. 6.
    Cincinnati Reds
    I like the red and The "C" makes me think of my Chicago Bears.
  26. 5.
    Chicago Cubs
    The pinstripes and logo on the chest and sleeve just work.
  27. 4.
    Detroit Tigers
    Pretty classic, I like that they don't GAF that the hat and jersey "D" are different.
  28. 3.
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Red is my favorite color and I like the birds on the logo.
  29. 2.
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Love the cursive name, red number, interlocking "LA" cap. Classic.
  30. 1.
    Chicago White Sox
    Of course I'm partial and it's my list but the white and black pinstripes. The logo. The black hat. 👌🏼