21/22 Jump Street GIFs For Every Occasion ☀️📂

Because these movies are underrated and we're all supposed to do one of these lists at some point, right? Right?
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    When someone makes a spelling mistake on a group text.
  2. •
    When you're on a road trip and your jam comes on.
  3. •
    When your microwave popcorn comes out perfectly.
  4. •
    When your microwave popcorn burns.
  5. •
    When you're reading your Twitter feed.
  6. •
    When someone pulls out an actual camera and asks you to smile.
  7. •
    When someone asks you to leave the house to go do something.
  8. •
    When you see your parents and you're supposed to be at home.
  9. •
    When you're a complete idiot.
  10. •
    When you're not in bed.
  11. •
    When you call shotgun before everyone else.
  12. •
    When someone tries to cut you in line.
  13. •
    When you just need some veggies.
  14. •
    When you share a moment with a stranger.
  15. •
    When you can't get the word "Lili" to leave your mouth.
  16. •
    When you leave the house to go anywhere.
  17. •
    When you catch a Pókemon.
  18. •
    When you and your posse roll up on McD's.
  19. •
    When you're out of wine and your S/O asks if you want beer instead.
  20. •
    When you see someone send a text or email to a group that was intended for one person.
  21. •
    When nobody likes your list.
  22. •
    When you see lots of other lists getting liked but not yours.
  23. •
    When you think about why nobody likes your list.
  24. •
    When you realize why nobody likes your list.
  25. •
    When you get the first like on your list.