There's a Buzzfeed article about Costco and things you don't know about their liquor sales and pizza-selling proficiency, etc. - this is from my experience over 7 years at primarily one location. I know not everyone has access to a Costco and/or can afford it, don't @ me. CC: @DCB @amieshmamie Thanks for the LR @andersun !
  1. Bulk Food
    Look, I have 4 boys who already go through 2-3 gallons of milk a week and a normal-sized box of cereal in one sitting if we let them. Normal pack of string cheese? 1-2 snack-times and it's gone. 3 boxes of Mac/Cheese at a time. Buying in bulk (and cheaper overall) is nice, when possible. This will only increase as they get older...
  2. Cheap Gas
    They are generally at the lower (current local price minus $.05 to $.10) price at least a day longer than the stations in the area, so if timed right when filling up the land barge I can save $7 - $10.
  3. Great bakery
    I've yet to have a baked good be sup-par - cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, etc. Impressive at the scale they're making things.
  4. Photo Department
    Dirt-cheap prints uploaded online - large-scale picture blow-ups for cheap, and available very quickly. Canvas prints, coffee mugs, etc - no need for Shutterfly or any of those other online photo sites.
  5. Kirkland Brand
    Their in-house brand of products is great, in my experience. No qualms about buying it over the name-brand.
  6. Samples
    Good way to find new stuff without buying a ton of it and potentially having it go to waste; entertainment for the kids; easy way to predict/avoid crowds if there on a weekend (do not want).
  7. Accommodating Return Policy
    Let's just say I know a guy who returned an item they purchased from Costco 4+ years ago and they no longer sell for a full refund.