7 Instant 😭, Ranked

Decided to list my tear triggers after watching last nights "This Is Us" episode (H/T to @supercommonname). No shame, if they come for my Man Card tell them it's in the bathroom next to the Minion soap and the Loofah.
  1. 7.
    Child Or Children Exhibit Unexpected Wisdom/Kindness/Generosity Well Beyond Their Years
  2. 6.
    Sports Team (Or Class) Is Inclusive Of Special Needs Classmate
  3. 5.
    Old Married Couple Expressing/Displaying Love Evolved Over Decades
  4. 4.
    Person Knowingly Sacrificing Themselves For Another Person/Group
  5. 3.
    End Of Life Goodbye
  6. 2.
    Surprise Military Homecoming
    Humans or pets
  7. 1.
    Men Expressing Genuine Emotion(s) Towards Another Man, Judgment Be Damned