Merry Draftmas 🎄📂 errrbody!! This was going to be a series originally but nobody wants that, so out it goes. We let the boys have free reign for the most part in our (mostly) unfinished basement, but try and keep the living room/kitchen area somewhat picked up. Ranked in order of frequency, arrows indicate the items trending activity lately.
  1. Paper Airplanes ⬆️
    My dad taught the oldest how to make them and they are EVVVVVrywhere. I keep throwing them out and even hid the paper, now he's using coloring book pages and they replicate like 🐇.
  2. Socks ⬆️
    Like, why do we bother putting them on? There are always an (*ODD* number, natch) of little white socks everywhere around the house. Always.
  3. Books/catalogues ⬆️
    Moved a bunch of kids books into the living room, and now with the Christmas toy catalogues they are out all. the. time.
  4. Legos/Megablocks ⬆️
    We have containers/bins (life hack - use the clear plastic tubs once done with the Costco pretzels or animal crackers, they stack!) and they do a good job picking up when done, but there's always a few that end up in random places and stepped on. 😡
  5. Food ⬇️
    The Tripocalypse™ has finally turned the corner and meals don't require an entire Hazmat cleanup effort very often.
  6. My Dignity ⬇️
  7. Blankets ⬇️
    Not using these much anymore as the Tripocalypse™ just got single beds (that will convert to bunk beds eventually).