Inspired by @silverwolf634 . Going to try something that could be epically boring but will give me something to do this travel day. I was supposed to go to Indianapolis last night but flights were cancelled, so now I head to Milwaukee this afternoon. I'll try and post at least one picture and update for every hour. Also AMA in the comments...
  1. 5:30-6 am ET
    Try and sleep as the Tripocalypse™ has found their way to our bed and 2 of them sound like dogs barking when they cough. It's cold AF outside and cold inside because our heater keeps shutting off. Repairman comes this morning, thank God.
  2. 6 - 7 am ET
    Feed the boys, eat a bowl of Cheerios. Put away 4 X boots, gloves, snow pants, hats, and coats in lockers left in the entry to dry from yesterday's snowventures. Snow day today so the 2 that take the bus stay home, otherwise I'd be scrambling to get my workout in before they have to go. Shovel the walk. Let grandparents in, kiss wifey goodbye as aw she heads to work.
  3. 7 - 8 am ET
    Work out. Take a shower. Get dressed. Make coffee. Pack for Milwaukee. Go downstairs to office.
  4. 8 - 9 am ET
    Get to emails. Check travel situation with flights. Make travel plans for ski trip. Conference call. Start required training video on mute in background.
  5. 9 - 10 am ET
    Nothing exciting (I never promised it would be!!) especially this morning. Sat in my chair until my Apple Watch reminded me to get up, walked around upstairs and checked on the heating guy. Kids are preparing to make cookies with Nana, should be a mess (I'm hoping they don't finish before I leave for the airport because I don't want to eat cookies). Taking a picture of the door of my office because I forgot to take anything interesting 😬
  6. 10 - 11 am ET
    OMG this is soooooo boring, maybe this was a bad idea. Nothing happening this hour - emails, Concall, PowerPoint slides, spreadsheetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴. Here's a pic of the boys as penance.
  7. 11 - 12 pm ET
    Training on Application Profiling. 2 calls with sales personnel. Some DayLi.sting™. It's glamorous, I know - some of us really have to try not to get overwhelmed with the glitz and glamor. More work, upstairs to prepare lunch with the boys. Cookies aren't done yet, thankfully, so there's still hope I get to leave for the airport before cookiegeddon. Here's a pic of our Christmas tree.
  8. 12 - 1 pm ET
    Lunch, watched the rest of the 30 For 30 - "Catholics Vs. Convicts" at my desk. Soooooo good ☘️
  9. 1-2 pm ET
    Finish up a call, pick up my laptop and backpack, head to the dealership to get an oil change and new windshield due to that giant crack under the Lansing sign.
  10. 2 - 3 pm ET
    Get a ride to the airport from dealership, cruise through TSA Pre-Check lane, camp out at my gate. This is a miniature version of an art piece in downtown Grand Rapids.
  11. 3 - 4 pm ET
    Short flight to ORD on American, usually I fly Delta so I'm in the back with the normals. #puddlejumper
  12. 4 - 5 on CT
    Dinner at the Cubs Bar & Grill at ORD. Meandering, waiting for a 30-minute delayed flight....
  13. 5 - 6 pm CT
    Waiting to take off from ORD to MKE. Impatience assuaged by reading "Sick In The Head" by Judd Apatow. #puddlejumper
  14. 6 - 7 pm CT
    Shortly after my last update, during the de-icing process, they told us something needed to be inspected by maintenance and we deplaned. 20 minutes later they got us back on the plane and de-iced again. Landed in MKE about 5 minutes ago....
  15. Static
  16. Static
    Live piano in the main area 👍🏼
  17. 7 - 8 pm CT
    Airport to hotel, check in, etc. not as nice as the hotel in Chicago....
  18. Static
    Beautiful, cold AF Milwaukee.
  19. 8 - 9 pm CT
    Room service - Apple Crumble with ice cream, Monday Night Football.