Now that version is out (R.I.P. Trending/confetti/relists), how people get into has changed. Here's one man's thoughts on how to get started and some tips on functionality.
  1. Follow the Recommended listers at the beginning.
    But know that new content will be minimal as the majority of them post lists infrequently. If you skipped that step and want to go back, you can do so from your main profile page by selecting the icon pictured in the upper left, then selecting "⭐️ Recommended" and Following the ones you'd like.
  2. Browse lots of lists and try the "Discover" tab.
  3. If you enjoy a lists content, "Like" it by tapping the ❤️ icon.
    Liking a list will then bring attention to the list to those that Follow you, and the author will get a Notification that you liked their list. Going back and liking old lists is ENCOURAGED here, unlike other social media - we love older lists getting attention!
  4. If you want to save a list, tap the 💾 icon.
    You can find lists you've saved on your personal page. Authors are not notified when their list gets saved.
  5. List.
    This will feel like shouting into the void, but keep at it and you'll start to get the feel and people will notice - don't give up! Some users have posted more than 10 lists before getting a ❤️....
  6. Comment to meet people (not just the author) and have a dialogue.
    Swipe left on a comment to reply to the person, and the app will auto-fill their username.
  7. If you enjoy a particular users lists and want to ensure you don't miss any, you can turn on list Notifications so when they do post a list it will show up in your Notifications list.
    Do this on a users home page by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting "Turn On List Notifications."
  8. Embrace the emojis.
  9. If you enjoy a list topic and would like to make a similar list, long press on the title of that list.
    This will open a draft with the same title and will tag the author with an "Inspired by." Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and putting your take on a topic in your own list is ENCOURAGED here.
  10. Suggestion lists are fun.
    By making it a Suggestion list (the + symbol at the top of the list edit page), you give users an opportunity to add their thoughts/opinions/answers to your topic. Double-tap any Suggestions you'd like to add to your list but don't feel obligated to - it's your list!! Here's a good recent example: POP CULTURE WORD ASSOCIATION
  11. If you want to share a list with another user, tap the "Conversation" (2 thought bubbles) at the bottom of the list.
    This will open a Direct Message with the user(s) and link them to the list (if they have the current version of - otherwise they won't be searchable as a recipient).
  12. When lacking listperation, rank.
    Title your list "__________, Ranked" and embrace any dialogue it creates in the Comments. To make the ranking highest to lowest, tap the "123" again and it will reverse (you can drag your entries around to make them exactly the order you want).
  13. GIFs are good.
    Once you select your GIF (hard "G," "gift" minus the "t" - trust me), tap it again and select "Add A Caption" to overlay text onto the GIF. You can also long-press on GIFs in lists and save them.
  14. List Requests are great.
    I'll let my good friend and All-Star Dayli.ster™ @andersun explain much more eloquently than I could: A Few Tips About Requesting Lists For New Li.sters
  15. Q: "How many Drafts is too many?"
    A: Gorgonzola
  16. Here's an incomplete list of users that are great people, use the app regularly, and are worthy of your Follow (IMHO).
    If I forgot someone it's purely accidental. No need to ❤️ or 🔁 (oops) as this is intended to help new listers get engaged....