Requested by @kate81
Thanks for the LR, CK! @kate81 We are working on two of the three boys, who have the concept down for peeing but still working on the 💩 in the 🚽 part.
  1. 🚨 WARNING - graphic material ahead! 🚨
  2. So my wife decided they would do better without a diaper or pull-up on so they wouldn't feel like there would be somewhere for it to go (not her in the GIF).
    Giphy downsized medium
  3. One of them told me he didn't have to pee yesterday morning because "I went in the truck."
    WTH does that mean?? Oh, he was being literal.
  4. And today, my wife texted me this picture from the other.
  5. So yeeeeah.
    Still working on it.