Inspired by @marceline and @macnchz . I'm primarily a domestic regional traveler so this is pretty limited....
  1. Delta Airlines
    Been flying them when I lived near a Northwest hub (Detroit) before the merger. Having status definitely has slants my perspective, but they are well-run, the app is great, on time, and free movies/TV for all passengers.
  2. Frontier Airlines
    Flew out West skiing a few times, like the animals on the tail and that all the seats were leather and had TVs in the headrests.
  3. American Airlines
    Decent enough, have only flown a few times, usually to Dallas so somewhat negative association because that airport is 👎🏼.
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  17. United Airlines
    Thhhheeeeee wurst. Would rather walk. Pictured here on the ground in its natural habitat, delayed eternally, where the passengers are probably questioning their life choices and willingness to continue living in a world where such an awful airline exists.