Haven't been to all of them, obviously. Damnit this was supposed to just be an edit! Hold please!!!
  1. MSP
    Minneapolis airport is clean, well-laid-out, has lots of dining options (Chick fil-A!!!!!!!), and most importantly - onsite Rental car facilities. A decent place to be delayed due to weather.
  2. DTW
    Detroit refreshed their airport and the new terminal is beautiful; wide concourses, efficient tram, cool lighting/music in the tunnel between concourses. Bonus points for recent Chick-fil-A addition to food options.
  3. GRR
    My home airport in Grand Rapids, MI, it's large enough to get me most places fairly quickly and efficiently (more direct flights added regularly), but small enough that I can park (valet, $18/day, bargain) and be at my gate via TSA pre-check in 10 minutes when I don't check a bag, which is most of the time. Looking forward to the A concourse remodel as B is nice - hopefully it cures the burnt-bagel smell.
  4. IND
    Small and modern, car rental on site, in and out quickly (TWSS).
  5. EGE
    Much easier access to Vail, worth the extra money.
  6. DEN
    Been a while since I've flown to DEN, and it's always for pleasure (skiing) so that may have slanted my feelings as they do have off-site Rental car facilities (holy long bus ride) - but it's gorgeous on the inside and outside.
  7. YVR
    Beautiful city, airport was kind of odd but no rental car shuttle.
  8. MKE
    No rental car shuttle, nice layout.
  9. ATL
    Decent hub, good food choices, rarely any weather issues. Offsite rental center though.
  10. PVD
    Easier to get in and out if then BOS, but loooong walk to rental cars.
  11. SFO
  12. LAS
    Surreal people-watching, lots of neon and slot machines.
  13. BOS
    Better now that the big dig is over, still not a fan though.
  14. SJC
    Smaller than SFO and no rental car shuttle.
  15. SLC
    Pretty view flying in, rental car facility on site.
  16. ORD
    Old and smelly and too busy.
  17. STL
    Long bus to rentals.
  18. CVG
    The 'natti is OK, I guess.
  19. JAX
    Decent but waiting outside for the rental car shuttle is 🔥
  20. PHI
    Been a long time but that airport sucks. Do not recommend.
  21. CLE
    It's Cleveland.
  22. DFW
    Complicated and ridiculous rental car shuttle system you have to wait outside for 🔥👎🏼