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I got certified in a pool in Detroit, but have never been open water diving in any of the Great Lakes (ironically)....
  1. Sandals, Jamaica
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    Went here on my honeymoon almost 14 years ago - I was certified, bride got resort certified. It was included, so you could do multiple dives per day if desired. I desired (to scuba) her not so much after a leaky mask incident. Regardless, my favorite! Clear waters, beautiful fish, great coral formations. 10/10
  2. San Diego, CA
    Got my open water certs in the harbor on a business trip in 2000, then went on a charter to the Coronados off the coast of Tijuana. Wreck dive of 63 feet, it was cold but my first time diving on a wreck, not really many fish to speak of...
  3. Ft Lauderdale, FL
    Went to Club Med on a work trip in 2000, and a few coworkers and I dove the Ancient Mariner wreck - an old restaurant ship sunk to 65 feet for diving. Very cool, saw my first Barracuda there. Also did a drift dive on a reef, saw some lobsters and cool fish.
  4. Bahamas
    Went on a cruise, and this was an excursion my dad and brother agreed to go on. Only time I've ever just waded out in to the surf (instead of falling off a boat); 25 ft, saw a lot of fish and had a good experience.
  5. Gulf of Mexico
    Blech - not a good experience. Went to a wedding in Clearwater in 2009, and snuck away for a charter on my own the next day. Always dive with someone you know, having a stranger for a dive buddy is no good. The "reef" they took us to was just a rock, it was super churned up, my buddy disappeared for a while, and overall it sucked. 35 ft. Unfortunately my last dive 😕