All Pugs Go to Heaven

Technically all dogs, but ours was a Pug - had to have him put down yesterday 😔 Not looking for sympathy, want to celebrate his life. He was a great dog, made it to 13, been through a lot, and it was time. We'll miss you buddy.
  1. Bumper was actually our second Pug, our first was Rudy, and we brought Rudy home from the breeder when he was 6 months old. Rudy unfortunately had Pug Dog Encephalitis, and we had to have him put down at 2 1/2. Our breeder let us "borrow" his litter mate, Bumper.
  2. We brought him home and he was just so excited to be out of his crate - he could barely sit still. This was the first day with us in 2002.
  3. Once the breeder insisted we keep him, it was time for a bath.
  4. For the first few weeks he rarely slept unless he was in his crate - otherwise he was running around sniffing things.
  5. Eventually he got to Pug stage and just wanted to be next to or on one of us.
  6. Pug ears are so expressive, just a subtle move up or down, a head tilt, and we could tell exactly what he was thinking...
  7. My man knew what was up. #GoIrish
  8. #GoIrish
  9. He was our Christmas Card picture for the first 7 years.
  10. This was his favorite stuffed animal, had to be in his bed or he tore apart the house looking for it.
  11. His favorite spot (when not on us) was the back of the couch.
  12. Pets are a part of our families - make sure you remember yours this Holiday season!
  13. RIP Bumper: 9/27/2012 - 12/16/2015
  14. Thanks for letting me overshare, List App