Requested by @kate81
Thanks for the LR, CK! Ranked from easiest to biggest PITA.
  1. Star Wars junior pinball game
    Legs and batteries and done.
  2. Soccer goal
    4 pieces and a net.
  3. Pedal tractor with dumper
    Came pretty much already together.
  4. 10-foot Christmas tree
    This would have been higher but we upgraded last year and the 4 pieces connect together without wires so other than being awkward and heavy it's pretty simple.
  5. 6-lane Hot Wheels race track
    12 page instruction manual with 3 anxious little kids = 😤
  6. Angry Birds Lego set
    Lots of little pieces.
  7. Construction truck Lego set
    More pieces but not as many small ones.
  8. Pedal John Deere tractor
    Cheap plastic and wouldn't go together.
  9. Star Wars troop transport Lego set
    Oldest did the majority but I "helped" and it took a looong time.
  10. Pedal police car
    Old-timey and metal, the tires are real rubber and put off a noxious odor that I may still be high from.
  11. Minions Mega-Blocks set
    Lego is superior IMH in craftsmanship and, more importantly, instructions.