Requested by The Dude

All-time Super Band 🎸🎤🎺🎷 - Sock Puppet Massacre

Great idea by @HisDudeness - this band could be a tonal disaster, and I have no idea what genre of music they'd play (holy range!!!) but they're called "SPM" for short. I am the founder, manager, and groupie-wrangler.
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    Lead Singer - Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls)
    Love the voice. Don't want an overpowering presence/character, I feel like Johnny would do a good job allowing all the other voices to blend and have their moment.
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    Lead Guitar - The Edge (U2)
    So many choices, have to stay true to my rankings List.... Guitarists Ranked Subjectively
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    Songwriter/Background Vocals/Keys - Billy Joel
    The young version that rocked Russia in 1987.
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    Bass - Peter Klaven
    Bass is necessary but anyone can do it. Flea was going to go here but I don't want his naked ass flopping around everywhere on stage. Plus Paul Rudd from "I Love You Man" is so earnest and good pick up the songs easily. Slappin Da Bass Mon!!
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    Drums - Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe)
    Duh. He can play upside-down in my band any day.
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    Sax - LeRoi Moore [RIP] (Dave Matthews Band)
    So talented, so cool. A shame he's gone.
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    Banjo - Steve Martin
    Because banjo solos are awesome. Also comedy.