I'm not an Apple fanboi but I bought a Sport for myself after buying one for my wife as a Christmas present (early, obviously)
  1. PRO: Haptic alerts for phone calls and texts
    I like being alerted by a silent buzz on my wrist when a text arrives or a call comes in, rather than looking at my phone. It's still rude if I do it in the middle of a conversation, but I can be less obvious when eating with my family (I don't have a 9 - 5 job) or in a meeting.
  2. CON: The douche factor
    I don't want to have anyone know that I have one - there's a bit of a stigma. I disabled the "Wake On Wrist Raise" feature as it was constantly lighting up and drawing my toddlers attention, and there's a definite motion when bringing it up to look that Apple Watchers have; I can spot it a mile away.
  3. PRO: Activity/fitness prompts and tracker
    I had a Fitbit Charge for a while which was nice for tracking steps, flights of stairs, etc; the Apple Watch does this and includes a pulse monitor and will gently buzz when I haven't been active/up in the current hour, which is nice because I end up sitting at a desk a lot.
  4. CON: Battery life
    It's supposed to last 18 hours, and it does, especially after I turned off the "Wake On Wrist Raise" feature - but my Fitbit Charge lasted 4-5 days and I could wear it bed to track my sleep and/or have it wake me up by buzzing my wrist in the morning.
  5. PRO: Less tether to my phone
    I can leave the phone in another room and as long as the phone is on WiFi (2Ghz) the watch is connected and I get messages/texts
  6. CON: Siri via the crown press
    Every time I get down on the floor, which is often because I have triplet toddlers and that's where I change diapers, Siri buzzes my wrist because the back of my hand is pressing the crown. Not sure how to get around this other than wearing it further up my wrist (no) or ignoring it (yes)
  7. PRO: Siri for texts while driving
  8. CON: No List App!!!
  9. PRO: Baby Monitor 3G
    Can set up a device (iPhone,iPad, etc) as the camera and my iPhone as the monitor, and get the alerts and video feed on the Apple Watch - anywhere on cellular. Pretty cool and more functional than the phone as the monitor only.
  10. PRO: Remote for iPhone camera
    Good for group family pics so I can actually be in them, also a way to locate the iPhone (unless the camera is covered up)
  11. PRO: Haptic alerts for turn-by-turn directions
    I travel for work a bit and didn't realize how much I'd use/appreciate it - and safer too
  12. PRO: Easily swappable bands
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    Due to the douche effect I don't want to advertise I have one, and the black rubber strap that came with it screams "APPLE WATCH!!!!" Bought a link version that easily swaps out and until I (manually) light the screen I've yet to be asked about it..
  13. PRO: Custom sketches to other Apple Watch users
    Not a big deal but my wife likes that I can quickly send her a sketch, and animated gif, or my heartbeat via the face of the watch.
  14. Net-Net for me is I'm satisfied with it enough after 3 weeks to keep it.