📁 but also inspired by @jaidub because she posted first and reminded me I had yet to publish this so 👍🏼. This is all of them I could think of, somewhat in order of time I went...
  1. Comisky Park (1 & 2) (web photo)
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    My first baseball game, little league went to a game every summer as a big group (the other 2 were to Wrigley). I distinctly remember they were playing the Tigers, we were in right field, and he turned around and flipped off a fan who was heckling him in our section, which received a round of applause. Gibby didn't GAF. Been to countless games since at Comisky 2 (I won't call it by the corporate name) including an on-field BP thing for my 30th BD (my wife is awesome).
  2. Wrigley Field (web photo)
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    Sox fan but root for the Cubs too - my FIL and wife like the Cubs and Michigan football, so I traded Notre Dame for the Cubs when brainwashing children. Took my wife and MIL/FIL to a game in 2012 for his 60th BD, his first time there. Majjjjjjjjjjor SIL points that day.
  3. Chicago Stadium (web photo)
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    Went to a game there as a young lad, saw Michael play the 76ers with Barkley. I can honestly say during those introductions the sound coming out of that barn was the loudest thing I've ever heard in my life.
  4. Tiger Stadium (web photo)
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    Moved to Detroit after school in 1998, and two coworkers and I bought partial season tix because baseball. Tigers were awful then, and we sat about 20 rows from the "bullpen" (it was just a mound and some seats next to the foul line, like Wrigley, kids) with nobody around. Heckling was epic as one guy was from Philly. Sat in right field upper deck during the last game and watched Robert Fick hit a bomb Grand Slam up there to win the game. Good times.
  5. Notre Dame Stadium (my photo)
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    This is a picture of a picture that I took that sits on my desk - little-known fact about me, I'm an Usher with my dad in South Bend for home football games (he does most sporting events as an Usher now that he's retired). He started when the stadium was expanded in 1997, me in 1999. Seen some baaaaad football and some great games, if someone wants to hear them I would share....
  6. Comerica Park (web photo)
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    Was there in the snow for the first game; my bud from Ford Field had access to the Lions suite and my wife and I used to go down to weeknight games with him and sit in the suite on the 3rd baseline for free and have the whole thing to ourselves. This was when the Tigers lost 100+ games. Met Ernie Harwell outside in the seats and introduced him to my FIL (brownie points!). Spoiled us from sitting in the upper deck fo sho.
  7. Pontiac Silverdome (web photo)
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    Two Bears games before they moved to Ford Field, this one is 45 minutes from actual Detroit. Big old domes like this weren't the best if you had upper-Deck seats like we typically did.
  8. Palace of Auburn Hills (web photo)
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    A few Pistons games against my Bulls, and once against the Lakers. The same guy with Michigan season tix has a suite and 2 floor seats under the basket go with it. People take turns and it was cool to high-five Kid Rock on the way to them for the Quarter we got to sit there and Shaq is just a humongous human when viewed in person 😳.
  9. Ford Field (web photo)
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    My college buddy ran ticket operations for the Lions for a while, so he would give us his Bears tix every year. Been all over this place, it's really nice. Same guy who gave us suite access to Comerica (Lions/Tigers trade suites as they're across the street from each other).
  10. Michigan Stadium (web photo)
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    The Best Man in my wedding has season tickets, so when ND played them I usually went. What a dump. I hate U of M for many reasons, but this stadium sucks major donkey balls. They cram too many people in, so you have knees in your back and a giant fat guy on either side - imagine the worst stereotypical cross-country flight experience, and then imagine it's freezing. Oh and you have to climb up about 59 flights to take a piss if you have decent seats, and there aren't enough pissers. 0/10
  11. Joe Louis Arena (web photo)
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    Been to a few games, and am going with my old man to his first NHL game in early Feb. Quaint old barn, being replaced soon. Lots of banners and history in here, watched them raise the 2002 Cup banner, that was cool.
  12. Fenway Park (web photo)
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    Blech. It's something to ✅ but so old and really, it's a dump.
  13. Chase Field (web photo)
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    In Phoenix for training, went up to the box office and got one right on the Visitors dugout in 1999. I remember Luis Gonzalez hitting a 10th-inning home run into the pool in right field to win the game and extend his hitting streak (ended up at 31 games). Cool stadium, they closed the roof before the first pitch by playing the theme to "2001 - A Space Odyssey"
  14. Jacobs Field (web photo)
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    Cleveland sucks, but the stadium doesn't. One of the first to incorporate city views and build right downtown, went to a game about 13 years ago and recall enjoying it and the stadium.
  15. Citizens Bank Ballpark (web photo)
    Went to a Phillies night game with a work group, waited almost an inning for a cheesesteak in the outfield that was just horrendous. Nice stadium though.
  16. O.co Stadium (web photo)
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    Saw an A's game about 10 years ago, felt legit nervous walking in. Not a good area, not a nice stadium - maybe it's changed since but I have no desire to go back. Unless it's paid for and it's the ALCS against the White Sox or something.
  17. AT&T Park (my photo)
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    September 11, 2011. I remember buying a ticket on StubHub because I was going to San Jose for training and then realizing it was the anniversary of 9/11 and they were playing the Dodgers. Saw Bumgarner pitch before he was All-world and win 8-0. The view is incredible.
  18. PNC Park (web photo)
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    Saw the White Sox play the Pirates on consecutive days in 2010. Beautiful stadium, second only to AT&T on my list. Side note - if you're looking for 1 or 2 tix to a "regular" game, go up to the box office 45 min before. The visiting teams give back their unused allotment and you can get them for face value, great seats. I sat in the 3rd row next to the Sox and got a ball thrown to me by Juan Pierre on his way in after catching the 3rd out.
  19. Busch Stadium (my photo)
    Watched the White Sox play the Cardinals 3 summers ago; by far the most female and attractive fan base i have ever seen. Maybe there was something going on, but there were hot coeds in red everywhere I went in and around that stadium. It was disconcerting. Great stadium, lots of history.
  20. Soldier Field (web photo)
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    Bears fan since birth, never saw a game in Chicago (lots in Detroit) until a Thursday night game against the Cowboys in 2014 (saw Marshall take a shot to the ribs). Cold AF. Need to put in Field Turf, that surface is pathetic.
  21. Target Field (web photo)
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    I travel to Minneapolis quite a bit, this is another nice newer stadium in a downtown area, but feels rather small. Watched the Twins crush my White Sox three summers ago 😕
  22. Miller Park (web photo)
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    Went this last summer, it's massive (TWSS). Cool setting, had no interest in the teams but enjoyed the experience and got to ✅ one off.
  23. Kaufman Stadium (web photo)
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    Went to a night game against the Twins this last fall, it's very nice. The water feature is unique, and it's cool that Arrowhead is right there and there's toooons of parking and people tailgating. Would go back for sure.