Requested by @kelrie
Starting in the 1999 season, I've been an Usher so I've seen a lot of football, most of it bad. These are the ones I remember, although I did have to look up a few details.
  1. ☘☘☘☘Worst Games☘☘☘☘
  2. Boston College, 2002
    For some reason Willingham rolled out the green jerseys, and what a disaster - terrible color, wrong situation, atrocious results.
  3. Florida State, 2003
    Shut out at home, and what made it that much worse were the FSU fans - the worst I've dealt with (and that's saying something, considering U of M is on this list).
  4. Purdue, 2004
    You just don't lose to Purdue, you just Purdon't - especially at home. Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn did battle through the air but we lost by like 20 or something. One of the games I walked out thinking "Willingham has to go."
  5. USC, 2005 (The Bush Push)
    I get to go down into the South end zone for the last 4 minutes and sweep the field and go out the tunnel after each game. Watching that 4th down pass clear our DB's head by inches and land in Jarrett's hands as he raced towards me in the end zone. 😳 Had to get people off the field after Leinert fumbled (backward) and time expired. Gutsy call by Carroll/Leinert. I was kneeling at the pylon directly across from Leinert when he was under center, and the swing of euphoria to misery was crushing.
  6. Michigan, 2006
    We came in to this game ranked #2 and just got smoked. I would rather pretend this never happened.
  7. Navy, 2007
    The first loss to the Middies in like 40 years. Another OT stomach punch.
  8. USC, 2007
    Any loss to USC is 👎🏼, but 38-0?!? And to top it off they bring their band, and then play a 15 minute concert for their fans after the game. I don't know why we let them do that BS, I can't leave 'til they're done. It's the worst. 0/10
  9. Syracuse, 2008
    Lost by 1 on Senior Day which is just depressing. Missed a bunch of field goals, including one to win it at the end.
  10. UConn, 2009
    Lost in OT, just a feeling of "how will we F this up?" the entire game...
  11. Tulsa, 2010
    Supposed to be a cakewalk, a team I wasn't really familiar with. I just remember it being a really weird game, Crist got hurt early, a PAT was blocked and returned for 2 pts by Tulsa and we lost by 1.
  12. South Florida, 2011
    Lost by 3 to another "who?" team. 95 degrees at kickoff, the game was delayed like 2 hours because of thunderstorms. THAT was fun. Earned my paycheck (jk, I'm a volunteer) that day/night. I think it was like 6 or 7 hours to finish?
  13. 🍀🍀🍀🍀Best Games🍀🍀🍀🍀
  14. USC, 1999
    My first season and first SC game, was nice to get a win.
  15. Nebraska, 2000
    We weren't supposed to have a shot against #1 Nebraska, and the place was very red because so many people sold their tickets. But it went to OT, and even though we lost, it was one of the first "big" games I'd been to.
  16. USC, 2005 (The Bush Push)
    Despite the result, one of the greatest games I've ever witnessed. Loudest sustained crowd I've seen/heard. (1/2) (2/2)
  17. UCLA, 2006
    Shark takes a pass to the house to win the game, I was standing at the end zone pylon when he went by. You can see me in the second replay wearing a bright yellow vest jumping up and down.
  18. Utah, 2010
    They were ranked #15 and we had just lost to Tulsa and Navy. It wasn't close in the second half so there wasn't a nagging feeling of impending doom....
  19. Michigan State, 2011
    A team we hadn't beaten at home in forever, they had planted a flag at midfield in 2009 and tore up the turf. A satisfying win because of that and they were #15.
  20. Stanford, 2012
    Overtime stop in the rain to continue a magical undefeated run.
  21. Michigan, 2014
    Our last game against scUM, we just curb-stomped them. It was glorious. Unfortunately instead of a few years wandering around and wondering if they should fire Hoke, they went full dumpster 🔥🔥 and wound up with Harbaugh a year later. WTF
  22. Will add more if I think of them....