Requested by @aus10
Sorry about the delay on this one 😳 it's been long enough it gets the 📂
  1. It was my first Christmas married.
  2. We had bought a condo (whooooops, terrible idea) and told our parents we would be spending it there and come home (2.5 hours away) on the weekend.
  3. We decided we were adults, it was time to act like it.
  4. Where could we go and get a good steak?
  5. Ruth's Chris was the answer.
  6. Keep in mind, both my wife and I had grown up in a small town in very..... humble surroundings.
  7. So spending $30 on a meal at Chili's was a BFD to us.
  8. I had only had steak a few times, and I hadn't really liked it because it was always tough.
    Cheap steak (and poorly prepared steak) can be like that....
  9. But we decided this was happening.
    Sometimes you gotta treat yo self.
  10. So we got dolled up, her in a dress and me in my only suit (dark green, double-breasted 😱).
  11. We had no idea what we were doing.
    Why are there so many utensils? What kind of wine should we order? OMG this is expensive what are we doing? The people around us must have thought we were adorable. Or annoying AF.
  12. But when that Filet came out on a plate of sizzling butter, and I took that first bite.....
  13. It was like Heaven had opened and a ray of pure glory had landed right on my tongue.
    I think my heart literally skipped a beat.
  14. Sooooooooooooo good.
  15. I've had steak since - but nothing compares to the delight of the first taste, of realizing that something this glorious actually existed on Earth.