Requested by Kate

Celebrities I Trust to Watch My Kids While on Man-cation W/ My Mantourage (My Wife Is on Vacay Too)

I had a hard time coming up with real celebs that I'd feel comfortable leaving my boys with, so I had to dip in to movies/TV.... Link to the Mantourage List for context: My Mantourage
  1. Brangelina
    Are they the Jolie-Pitts? Shouldn't it be the Pitt-Jolie's? Either way, they have the resources to cover my extra 4 and are already dealing with a bunch of kids...
  2. @thebestSR vouches for her. And she's a ListApp celebrity that has tons of experience with kids - a no-brainer IMHO. Just don't let them have too many sweets before we pick them up, that's their grandparents job...
  3. @katiecouric and John Molner
    Let me help you with your last 2016 resolution Katie! It's good for a month at least, watching my 4 boys......
  4. George and Nina Banks
    Or the real Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. ❤️😍
  5. Adam and Kristina Braverman
    I'd say any of the Bravermans, but no - I'd only trust these two and their wonderful family. There are so many similarities I see in Adam, and their situation(s) have a lot of parallels.... OK moving on from this one because of the feels.