I'm not limiting myself to one dinner, this is an all-day, multi-table, multi-course experience. Too many questions. Thanks for the request @richwritesstuff !
  1. Frank Costanza's Lawyer (Larry David) and Jerry Seinfeld
    Natch. I'll say it again, I'd pay 💰💰to get a recording of even 20 minutes of one of their writing sessions. A whole meal?!?? Priceless.
  2. Aragorn
    Is elf sex better than regular human sex?
  3. Jim and Pam
    What's life been like since the camera crew stopped following you around?
  4. Rocky Balboa
    Holy balls the stories this guy could tell!
  5. Monica and Chandler
    How are you dealing with the twins now that they're tweens, any advice?