Merry Draftmas! This should have been posted a week ago, oopsie..... Feel free to add from your own experiences.
  1. Whoever/whatever packages toys is a sadistic SOB - wrap appropriately
    If you can pre-snip ties and remove tape before wrapping, this will help once it's opened.
  2. Have multiple scissors ready to roll
    Especially if you missed the wrapping tip - searching junk drawers or other rooms while your child screams is not fun. #NoPatience we have a green utility tool that has scissors, a blade, and some other stuff on it - very useful.
  3. Batteries, batteries, batteries
    God help you if you don't have batteries available once that toy is opened... 😡 If you can put them in before wrapping, do it.
  4. Screwdriver. Have a couple
    At least one (normal) screwdriver for opening battery compartments. One or two liquid ones for later if that's your way of coping with the insanity #don'tjudge
  5. Pictures - Less Is More
    Just get a couple - you'll never get them still enough, they'll be annoyed; be in the moment (I have to remind myself of this one regularly).
  6. If there are multiple children between 3 and 10(?) distribute evenly if possible
    They count them. And will not care if one of their presents costs 5x what the others cost....
  7. Keep them all moving at the same pace.
    If one starts to linger too long with one gift it's important to keep them moving, because the other more eager unwrappers will be wanting to "help" unwrap, which could be a disaster.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  8. We do an "in room" present - something they see the second they wake up and can play with until we are all ready to head downstairs together.
    They have a small tree in their room, but my parents used to just sit a gift at the end of our beds.
    Suggested by @DG