Join me in praise of these wonderful films (in order of importance to my enjoyment of the Holidays)!
  1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
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    A possible sub-list topic, I've seen this approximately 1,000,007 times and every time it gets better.
  2. A Christmas Story
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    Classic, watchable with parents and children, it's "The Sandlot" of Christmas movies. Sid Farkus is one of my alias'. Aliases. Aliasi. Pseudonyms.
  3. Elf
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    Will Ferrell at his peak, nod to Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel for her role and singing voice in the shower. Also: 19 REASONS WHY “ELF” WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE
  4. Love Actually
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    Cheesy? Yup. But good and cheeky and has a great cast and despite starting the ensemble holiday movie trend (downhill from here), I get the feels at the end every time.
  5. Four Christmases
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    Vince Vaughn with the remains of his fastball, with nutty family scenarios- a great movie to fall asleep to with the wife. Plus - KATY MIXON!
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  12. He says to her "I guess I'll have a slice of apple."
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