"Note to self." Inspired by @k8mcgarry @marymurphy
  1. Premise is an assumption, Premises is a building.
  2. Steve Cady has the blow-up doll in his profile pic, Chris Cady has the Two-Face profile pic.
  3. Nobody will see you while working from home today, but you still have to at least take a shower on principle.
  4. She's not pregnant, she's not pregnant, she's not pregnant.
    Stop looking at your neighbors belly and definitely DO NOT SAY ANYTHING.
  5. Nobody on this conference call will get an obscure Seinfeld reference, they're too young.
    "MOOPS!" *silence* Damnit.
  6. The Ring was not real.
  7. You have to dial "9" from an office phone.
    No, really - every time. Idiot.
  8. Stop telling people you live in the Eastern time zone, they'll still call you at 6:30 pm.
  9. Million dollar idea - great tasting gum that acts as a throat lozenge.
  10. Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.