Nobody asked but I'm telling you anyways.
  1. Get rid of the "_____ posted a list for the first time in a while" Notification.
    Or whatever it says. Unnecessary pressure.
  2. Term search by user
    In a sea if tidal wave lists with the same title, I'd like to be able to find that one I forgot to 💾 that I've narrowed down to having been posted by one or a few people.....
  3. Polling option
    A whole new world of lists and topics would open up if we could poll the community, with results in percentage (and possibly who voted for what?).
  4. Pinned List on Profile page
    So that in a daunting scroll of 400+ lists, I could have someone who is wondering what I'm all about take a look at a specific list (which could also be a list of chosen lists that I think represents me).
  5. Text over Profile pics
    Like we currently have for regular pics and GIFs. Seems kinda fun, like a little Easter egg for anyone that clicks on the picture.
  6. More Blue ✔️ lists/interaction
    You know who you are - come back (even though I didn't tag you and even if I did you don't follow me so you wouldn't see it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)!!!
  7. Web version
    Call me crazy but I could have swore someone said something about there being one on the horizon....