My 6 year-old son says to me yesterday, out of the blue while we're cleaning up the beach.
  1. 😳 Cue inner monologue:
    OMG I'm not ready for this level of parenting! What could make him ask me this?
  2. Was someone mean to him at school?!?
  3. Is he questioning whether we love him as much as his brothers?!?!
  4. Did I say something to make him have this kind of existential curiosity?!?!
    Did his mother?!?!
  5. Is he debating his self-worth because we had tee-ball practice this afternoon?!?!
    He missed one time and was way better than last year and I told him that!
  6. Did someone say something on the bus to him?!?!
  8. Me: "ummmm, wellll uh...."
  9. Him: "Because sometimes you and Mommy say 'Somebody went in the pantry and got food without asking.'"
    "And so I think you're talking about me."
  10. Me
  11. Then me
  12. I told him that it depended on the situation, that sometimes it was him and other times it was one of his brothers.
    Or something IDK.
  13. He can spell now. How are we supposed to talk about him in front of him anymore?!?