1. Take the Gulfstream
    Or fly First Class.
  2. Fly First Class
    Or fly Coach.
  3. Fly Coach
    Or drive the Rolls.
  4. Drive the Rolls
    Or take a limo.
  5. Take a limo
    Or drive the Benz.
  6. Drive the Benz
    Or take the Honda.
  7. Take the Honda
    Or ride-share.
  8. Ride-share
    Or take the train.
  9. Take the train
    Or ride the bus.
  10. Take the bus
    Or ride a bike.
  11. Ride a bike
    Or walk.
  12. Walk
    Or stay home.
  13. Stay home
    Or go to work.
  14. Go to work
    Or lose home.
  15. Lose home
    Or pay for medication.
  16. Pay for medication
    Or pay for food.
  17. Pay for food
    Or go to the shelter.
  18. Go to the shelter
    Or sleep under the bridge.
  19. Sleep under the bridge
    Or sleep in the park.