1. You know that thing, where you're typing away quickly on your phone, and you get a few wrong letters (or Auto-Correct makes a sentence FUBAR) but don't immediately realize it, and you instinctively hit the delete key a bunch of times to go back.....
    But you miss the "x" key and hit the other keys around it a bunch of times and extend the insanity/frustration that much longer? 😡
  2. What's that called?
    Does it have a legit name other than "DAMNIT!"
  3. We're (mostly) intelligent, articulate people. We can do this.
  4. Static
  5. Because it's invariably the "m" key we should call it the "mmmmmmmotherfuck!"
    Suggested by @siddharthainc
  6. Thumbstoobigitis
    Suggested by @kate81