Does This Thing Have A Name⁉️ If Not, It Needs One.

  1. You know that thing, where you're typing away quickly on your phone, and you get a few wrong letters (or Auto-Correct makes a sentence FUBAR) but don't immediately realize it, and you instinctively hit the delete key a bunch of times to go back.....
    But you miss the "x" key and hit the other keys around it a bunch of times and extend the insanity/frustration that much longer? 😡
  2. What's that called?
    Does it have a legit name other than "DAMNIT!"
  3. We're (mostly) intelligent, articulate people. We can do this.
  4. Because it's invariably the "m" key we should call it the "mmmmmmmotherfuck!"
    Suggested by   @siddharthainc
  5. Thumbstoobigitis
    Suggested by   @kate81