Duckling Watch 2016 🐣 Day 17

  1. "That was a tremendously inspirational, and quite frankly, horrifying story."
    "We now go to our reporter in the field, Brian Fantana, for an update on Duckling Watch, 2016. Brian?"
  2. "Thank you Ron! I'm here outside the Michigan home of one Mr. Brett Last Name, ground zero for DUCKLING WATCH 2016!"
    "And boy, the mood is tense."
  3. "On or around April 2 of this year, a female Mallard duck scared the living feces out of Mr. Brett Last Name when it jumped out of the planter you see here on the right side of the front door."
  4. "Here is the trespasser now, in a shot taken from the inside of the house."
  5. "Apparently there were initially 7 eggs."
  6. "Then suddenly, there were 11, an increase of 7 eggs!"
  7. "The family, the UPS man, at least three grandparents, and countless children have been accosted by this vagrant."
    "We'll keep you updated and let you know if, and when, the ducklings arrive."
  8. "Truly fascinating stuff."
    "And now, the weather."