Duckling Watch 2016 🐥 Out Of The Nest

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  1. They hung out in the planter for a day, and I luckily noticed 3 were out.....
  2. Momma duck talked them through the drop and helped a few.
  3. Here's one taking the plunge...
  4. In GIF form
    (Hope this works, thanks everyone that spoke up in my GIF App list, special shout-out to @chriscady and @jessicaz)
  5. Then they waddled off towards the lake. All survivors and good at this point.
    I took these pictures as we were leaving and she could see me so I didn't get any of the cute duckling trail on the way to the lake 😕
  6. Off they go!
  7. Here's the little Mallard family on their first swim.
  8. So now the only 💩-related issues are inside the house.
    Hopefully they come by again sometime soon and I'll get a picture for an update 👍🏼