I have triplet 2 1/2 year-old boys (+ a 5 1/2 year-old boy), and I have gotten some good ones. I would post a pic of them but... This *is* the Internet. @timothy
  1. "Are they identical?" "Are they yours?"
    Apparently "no, they're Fraternal" is synonymous with "adopted." Older lady at the grocery store, you have me a definite WTH moment and plenty to converse about with my wife later that night.....
  2. "Was it natural?"
    While a personal question, it's the most common; I tend to respond with this go-to line (to my wife's ongoing horror): "Well, I was in the room when my wife got pregnant, and I met the guy who did it. Not sure who the two other women were, since they had masks on and all...."
  3. "Are they the same age?"
    Didn't you just ask me if they were triplets, and I answered you with a "yes?" Maybe this list is more about how people don't listen....?
  4. "Were you scared?"
    Not sure on what level this came from - physically? Mentally? Financially? For the follow-up to this question? Yes. All yes. Follow-up was "I mean how did they all come out?" *cringe* Wife was a trooper and explained cesarean to this woman. In a Target. Who we'd just met.